Core Services

Core Services

– The Tallulah Group takes the ‘relations’ in media relations seriously. We cultivate relationships with the media, we follow reporters to understand what they cover and how they cover it, and then we make a match based on what news our clients have to share. The goal of all media relations is to maximize positive coverage in the mass media. We work to create relationships between our client and the media that result in win-wins for both.

– Digital Media expert, David Meerman Scott, says social media is “the art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story to reach buyers directly and generate tons of media coverage.” At the Tallulah Group we use social media as a means to amplify your message, connect with influencers and further share the great news about your enterprise. We partner with SM specialist who are native to the mediums and know how to best leverage them in support of your organization. When using social media we adhere to three ‘golden rules” – be brief, be newsworthy and be helpful!

– The Tallulah Group practices purposeful public relations. We believe in cultivating deep and meaningful relationships on behalf of our clients with the publics they want to reach. Part of that is offering what help we can to the people we’re outreaching to. Our goal is to first ask, then understand and ultimately find ways our clients can genuinely connect and share their message.

– Effective crisis communications is predicated on four pillars: honesty, transparency, consistency and accountability. The Tallulah Group works with your organization to quickly infuse these tenants in all your communications during times of crisis.

– The Tallulah Group’s executive positioning outreach helps organizations leverage their top executives in a relevant and credible way by positioning them as thought leaders in their field. You are the most visible symbol of your organization and your expertise directly affects the public’s perception of your company. Through a strategic approach, the Tallulah Group can elevate your executive’s corporate and civic identities, while strengthening the image of your company in your industry and community.