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Today communications is more than sending out a press release and waiting for it to get results. It’s about the story, your compelling story and why your story deserves to be elevated above the noise and chatter that is today’s news cycle. It’s about understanding the many platforms that might be receptive to your message and how to engage on all of them. It’s about translating your story and vision into one that the public can embrace. At The Tallulah Group we craft your story, but even more, we strategically craft the messages around your story that allows it to rise above the din. What we know is that there is no one size fits all when it comes to public engagement, and we fit your message to the audience.

Our team understands how publics engage, and we deliver your message in a way that resonates with the audience, whether its via television, radio, cyberspace or sitting across from a constituent at a table. You see sometimes IRL conversations are the best.

Our team is not broad but it’s deep, with expertise in both ‘old school’ journalism and the newest in multi-media engagement. Even more, we bring expertise in a variety of fields so you get one-stop shopping for all your needs. Most importantly, we value your organization, and want to work as part of your team.

Lastly, our core beliefs are integrity, transparency and customer care. We want you to trust us with your message, because we believe no one knows your story like you do, and no one can tell it like us.



Harlem Fine Arts Show Magazine – November 2017

View online: http://epro2.com/publication/?i=450309

So proud to have served as Editor-in-Chief for the Chicago version of the Harlem Fine Arts Show Magazine. I think we told amazing stories about the African American art scene here in Chicago, from the Wall of Respect, to the DuSable, to the South Side Community Art Center as well as stories about people shaping the arts in the city like Diane Dinkins Carr, Masequa Myers and Helen West to national figures like Congressman Danny Davis, Woodrow Nash, Austen Brantley and Kevin Williams. Great team including writers Deborah Crable and Taylor Michael; photographer Madison Burger; and designer extraordinaire LaVon Leakes. The Show comes to Chicago November 16 and it’s going to be an amazing four days at the state-of-the-art Malcolm X College. Come out and meet these artists in person, and most importantly buy African American Art.